Pangu 10 download for Jailbreak iOS 10.3

Pangu download for jailbreak iOS 10.3.1 - 10 running iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV 4

Pangu Demo Proved for iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak

An unofficial Pangu demo for iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak has been introduced at a conference recently. Several images were published in a private blog showing iOS 10.3.1 jailbreaking procedure. This is not demonstrated officially by Pangu, so there is no any verified news regarding that. However the developer mentions the jailbreak can be applied for iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 10.2 as well. This event was held in the Mercedes Benz Arena at Shanghai. Pangu iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak development is called Pangu Janus. We would like to inform you to not to update your jailbroken devices untill we confirm this news. It's better to backup your .SHSH2 blobs, so you can update it later with Prometheus. TSSSaver will help you with backing up .SHSH2 blobs automatically.

Pangu Janus iOS 10.3.1 Jailbreak Demo

Pangu team has released Pangu 10 Deomo version for untethered jailbreak iOS 10.3 through iOS 10 running Apple devices. This is still a demo and upgraded version of Pangu 9, but it is worth to try on your device. Pangu 10 download will be the only jailbreak tool for iOS 10.3 through iOS 10 and world renowned jailbreak developers and jailbreak community confirm the possibility of jailbreaking latest iOS versions. It will be really easy for you to setup latest Cydia update on your iOS 10 ready device. This time Pangu team has developed Pangu 10 directly with English and user friendly interface. Upgraded Pangu 10 MAC Demo version is also available. Check following sections for Pangu 10 updates, download links and error handling guides.

Download pangu 9.1 jailbreak upgraded
jailbreak iOS 9.1 with Pangu9 1.3.1 upgraded iOS 9.1 jailbreak with Pangu MAC upgraded
Pangu Apple TV 4 jailbreak upgradedPangu 9 mobile jailbreak

Instant Cydia download on iOS 10.3 - 9.3 devices

We have a solution for Cydia fans who doesn't use a computer. You can download Instant jailbreak app directly on your iOS device and proceed with Cydia download. iOS 10.3 through iOS 9.3.3 supported. Download it here.

Jailbreak iOS 9.2 and 9.3 status update

Apple has released two major successors for iOS 9.1 particularly iOS 9.2 and 9.3. As we mentioned above Pangu no longer works on iOS 9.2 as well as no pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3 either. Apple has patched the exploit which used by Pangu for inject jailbreak codes into iOS 9.1 when they upgrade iOS 9.2 and 9.3. Therefore we will have to stay a little more until someone develop a new tool. iOS 9.3 seems to be more stable than other iOS 9 versions since it came out along more than seven beta testing versions. The possibility of new jailbreak for iOS 9.3 is higher if it gets more adoption rate within Apple users.

You can easily upgrade your device for iOS 9.3 at the Settings > general > software upgrade. But we advise not to do that right now if you love to continue using Cydia on your iPhone iPad or iPod which is already installed. iOS 9.2 users are also better to hold on since sometimes iOS 9.2 will be jailbreakable early if any exploit patched on iOS 9.3 and remains in iOS 9.2.

Pangu for Apple TV 4 jailbreak

Apple TV 4 jailbreak released by Pangu team for the 1st time. This is the only jailbreak for Apple TV 4. This tool can jailbreak tvOS 9.0 - 9.0.2 Apple TVs and remember that this version doesn't have an user interface so you would have to use SSH to the device. Jailbreaking Apple TV using Pangu tool is bit complex process. Please find the complete step by step Apple TV jailbreak guide here

Pangu 8 Previous version

Pangu 8 is the best freeware to jailbreak iOS 8 untethered. There is no any alternative jailbreak tool supported for iOS 8 jailbreak.You can download pangu 8 and jailbreak any iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 8 through 8.1 including iPhone6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad mini 2 and iPad air 3. Download Pangu 8 final version if you are still running iOS 8.x.x

Download Pangu 8 v1.2.1 with bundled Cydia 1.1.16

Now it's best time to jailbreak your iOS 8 devices. Pangu and Cydia both had several updates for bug fixes and enhancements in last few days. Now it seems to be stable. Saurik also mentioned that in his tweets. Meanwhile Apple releasing beta versions of iOS 8.1.1 which should definitely patch up Pangu 8 exploits. So you are better to upgrade your device to iOS 8.1 and jailbreak with Pangu 8 while iOS 8.1 been signing. Otherwise you'll have to end up with iOS 8.1.1 without jailbreak.

Pangu Apple TV 4 jailbreak

Pangu 1.3.0 update changes log

Pangu 1.2.1 update changes log

Pangu 1.1 update changes log

Pangu 8 quick facts

Pangu 7 Download links

Pangu8 on twitter

Pangu 9 jailbreak supported devices

Prepare your device for Pangu 9 Jailbreak

  • Have a full backup of your device.
  • Remove passcode locks if any.
  • Have enough battery life
  • Have latest iTunes version
  • Disable Find my iPhone
  • Switch on airplane mode

How to jailbreak with Pangu9

  • Download Pangu 9 from above link
  • Right click and run as administrator
  • Wait until Pangu 9 identify your device and click JAILBREAK button.
  • Cydia will be installed on your device at the end of the jailbreak process.

Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak video guide

Pangu 9 Troubleshoot and error handling

Credits for developing Pangu 9

Pangu 9 is developed by Pangu team.

Final notice about Pangu download

We don't hold any responsibility of Pangu 9 download. Download Pangu 9 and jailbreak iOS 9 at your risk. We don't have any copyrights of Pangu 9.